Why Gentleman’s Relish on white toast is the high point of British cuisine

During the afternoon at this time of year nothing is better, nor more short-lived at the top of the fridge, than Patum Peperium, also known as the pronoun-inflexible Gentleman’s Relish. …

Goya, Saturn Devouring His Son, Museo del Prado, Madrid.

Is it time we put down the plant-based burgers and snacked on something better for the planet: the 1% who are creating most of the carbon emissions?

COP26 still has a few days to run, but it’s hard to see what the final week will achieve given the lack of any significant progress when the world’s leaders were actually there. …

At two o’clock in the morning, the man on the opposite side of the card table rose abruptly and left. Bond swallowed the remains of his whisky and gathered up his considerable winnings. …

Shelves without their groceries,

a Christmas lacking toys.

No turkey on the table,

no comfort, cheer or joy.

Lorries without their drivers.

Full fields of rotting fruit.

Cars dumped on midnight forecourts,

empty bottles in the boot.

Assertions without foundation,

bold claims of easy deals.

TV panels free of experts,

a bus with words, not wheels.

Words mouthed in front of flags and cameras

on whitewashed factory floors.

Words designed to like and share,

for the faithful to applaud.

When there’s failure without consequence,

only suckers take the blame.

We’re going without this winter -

without a sense of shame.

It’s only a matter of time before AI gets bored of creating lunchboxes and engineers our demise

To the crucible of technology this week where the, er, UK’s Court of Appeal decided that artificial intelligence cannot be the owner of a patent as it does not qualify as an inventor.

Lord Justice Richard Arnold ruled that an inventor must be a living person, although the court stopped…

The latest and possibly worst in a line of excuses for not being vaccinated

Say what you will about some of the wilder conspiracy theories around vaccination, but no one in their right mind would want microchips smuggled into their bloodstream through a needle, and their grey matter duly controlled by dark forces.

Or would they? I say this because it seems that many…

Helmets on re-entry are a matter of personal choice, says head of UK space programme

As the UK hurtles back to earth after its long journey into the loneliness of space, authorities are insisting that the decision to wear helmets and spacesuits is down to astronauts themselves.

“By backing out of mandating things, we’re encouraging astronauts to really get the data in their own hands…

Freedom for the English means getting loaded and having a good time

Freedom is a pretty tricky concept for the English. They are subjects, not citizens, and have no written constitution to be guided by. Daily Telegraph columnists may cite the absence of an event like the French Revolution in recent English history as evidence that the country is more stable and…

ScreenProd / Photononstop / Alamy Stock Photo

The UK is “walking into the unknown” as Doctor Frankenstein confirms plans to bring his monster to life

“It’s now or never”, claims the man at the centre of a controversial project that will bring an actual monster to life on July 19 — as he admits the creature is far from ready and could pose a threat to the public.

Doctor Frankenstein has been working on his…

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